Concrete Contractor (C-8)


A concrete contractor forms, pours, places, finishes and installs specified mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work; and places and sets screeds for pavements or flatwork. This class shall not include contractors whose sole contracting business is the application of plaster coatings or the placing and erecting of steel or bars for the reinforcing of mass, pavement, flat and other concrete work.

Authority cited: Sections 7008 and 7059, Reference: Sections 7058 and 7059 (Business and Professions Code)

Available Services:

- Residential / Commercial applications

-  Foundations, driveways, walks, patios, and pathways.

- Structural concrete (lightweight concrete)

- Colored / stamped concrete,

- ADA (Americans with Disabilities) approved access ramps and pathways

- Staircases, steps, and stoops.

- Paving, parking lot hardscapes, “black top” playgrounds for schools.

- Decking, concrete curbs, irrigation drains.



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